Frequently Asked Questions

Will GameBuzz work at any event or trade show?
Absolutely! We’ve seen success at numerous trade shows in different industries, as well as corporate and training events with a captive audience.

How do the games promote our brand?
Your logo will be part of the game system interface, along with primary and secondary colors customized to match your brand. More important, the game questions and answers demonstrate your teams’ depth of knowledge within your industry.

Who writes the questions and answers?
You do—and we’ll set you up with a form that makes it easy. Or you can have us write them for a small additional fee. We’ve been doing this for years, so we know what gets the crowds buzzing!

Who owns the content of the games I use?
You do! Regardless of who writes it, your content will never be shared with any other organization.

Does my team have to be tech-savvy to set up the system?
Not even a little. If you purchase on-site support, our team brings everything you need (except for your display monitor, which you arrange separately), sets everything up, runs all the tech during the event, and packs everything up. Or you can set up GameBuzz yourself with our easy, one-page instructions.

Do I really need a host?
If you’re deploying GameBuzz at a trade show or a larger event, yes. It takes a pro to keep an audience engaged while simultaneously running the games. Remember, it’s all about the experience for your attendees. For smaller events, a host is optional but still recommended.

What’s included in the fee?
Your fee includes all the gear you’ll need (except for the display monitor) and all six ready-to-play games. For an additional cost, you can add game content writing, onsite setup and support, and/or a fantastic host.

Will these games really get results at my event?
Definitely! GameBuzz engages six contestants every five minutes, along with crowds of people watching and waiting their turn. At a trade show, it gives you and your staff plenty of opportunity to connect with potential leads. For training, there’s no better way to help people remember your content. And what’s more fun than a live game show to super-charge a corporate event?

How much does GameBuzz cost?
We offer three GameBuzz packages designed to generate maximum ROI for most events, but we can also customize a package for you based on your specific events’ needs. See pricing.

Have more questions about GameBuzz?
Contact Debbie at 847-456-3863 or 


If given the chance, I would definitely use GameBuzz again.

– Brooke Higgins
Associate Contract Coordinator, Outsourcing
Abbvie, Inc.

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